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    Learn about the three different parenting styles and find out which one comes close to yours!

    In this audiobook, you'll learn about the three different parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. The last one is divided into two subcategories. As you get acquainted with these different parenting styles, it might surprise you that many people (including you) can learn to upgrade their parenting skills a little:

    • Learn from the insights I give you in this book.
    • Get rid of excuses you tell yourself.
    • Learn about the funny soap analogy
    • Find effective ways to help your children progress.
    • Be more motivated to become a better parent.
    • Reflect on your methods
    • Find out what is holding you back from balancing the demands and rules.
    • Be the best parent you can be

    ©2015 V. Noot (P)2015 V. Noot

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