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    The hot and sultry fantasy adventure comes to its hot conclusion!

    Marcus and his harem of naughty adventurers have one chance to save the world before it is destroyed by the Hierophant's madness.

    They must seek out the naughty Goddess of Fertility. Marcus will have to use all his prowess to satiate her desires. If he can, the world will be saved, the shattered passions made whole.

    But to reach the sultry goddess, Marcus and his harem of hot beauties have to defeat the Hierophant himself.

    The voice of the gods has gone insane and sees no hope of saving this world. How can Marcus and his harem have a chance against him? And even if they defeat him, Marcus will have to deal with his dark doppelganger.

    Mark Taylor.

    Will Marcus and his submissive elven mage, his exhibitionist priestess, his naughty rogue, and his busty samurai possibly save the day? 

    Will they succeed? Or is this the end of all passion? 

    You have to read this hot, fantasy harem erotica to find out what happens next! 

    Goddess's Fertile Passion Awakens is an erotic LitRPG novel that contains: harem, supernatural, magic, fantasy, elves, monster girls, bondage, oral, creampie, anal, rimming, A2M, A2P, adult nursing, creamy treat, domination, submission, voyeurism, and exhibitionism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

    ©2021 Reed James (P)2021 Reed James

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