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Ginger: Teach Me Everything I Need to Know About Ginger in 30 Minutes

Sprecher: Wayne Chin
Spieldauer: 38 Min.

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The astonishing benefits and uses of ginger you always wanted to know!

Ginger is a spice that has been used for ages, and you will find that it has traveled successfully around the globe. Though it's not just used to flavor food, and it never has been. Ginger has wonderful qualities that can help make you healthier and cure some ailments. Ginger also works as a preventive method for some diseases, and all you need to do is incorporate it into your daily life.

There are various ways to use ginger, and yet there are so many questions to be answered. This book will help you to take a look at those questions and get the answers you need to start using ginger that very day. Though, how you want to use ginger and what variety you wish to use is completely up to you. Ginger used to be a mystery, seen as valuable as a spice, but it's just as valuable in your medicine cabinet.

Seven reasons to buy this book

  • 1. Ginger is a wonderful cooking spice, but this book also teaches you many of its medicinal properties.
  • 2. In this book you will learn a little about the history of ginger and where it originated.
  • 3. In this book you'll learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ginger and how to use it.
  • 4. Storing ginger properly isn't easy for some, but this book will teach you how to store your ginger to make it last as long as it can.
  • 5. The difference between varieties of ginger and potency of types of ginger has been explained in this book.
  • 6. This book shows you that you can grow your own ginger, and it even teaches you some tips on how.
  • 7. In this book you will learn how ginger can help you to live a healthier life.

What you'll learn from Ginger

  • Essential Information about Ginger
  • 12 Quick Hit Facts about Ginger
  • Final Thoughts on Ginger

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