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    Get Rich or Diabetes, comedian Dejan Tyler’s debut album, gives snapshots of real life, for real people, rendered in ridiculous scenarios.

    Dejan Tyler celebrates the lower-middle class with sharp, detailed, flavorful writing. He elevates living “on the come up”, being broke, getting by, into rich, textured hilarity. The comedian is supremely talented at evoking cultural touchstones, like fast food mystery meat or Dollar Store condoms, while remaining true to the voices and personalities that inspire him. Dejan Tyler keeps it real: real funny, real authentic, real inspired. Get Rich or Diabetes is an unflinching, unassuming, and unrelenting good time.

    Filtering everything from sleep apnea to Chinese food through his personal identities “thug” and “nerd”, Dejan Tyler gives new meaning to the term “biracial”. This dual perspective, clashing yet complimentary, a mashup of distinct codes, lingo, and values, frames Dejan’s wholly unique and effectively universal sense of humor. You won’t hear a more “hood” stance on magic, nor a more “geek” view on gangs than on Get Rich or Diabetes. Dejan Tyler grounds fantasy in realness, embellishes reality as fantasy, and brings high concepts down to earth for brilliant, well-crafted, relatable comedy.

    ©2018 Dejan Tyler (P)2018 Uproar Entertainment


    "Dejan Tyler makes jokes about everyday pleasures and finds a way to take them to strange and bizarre places that you’d never see coming. It’s so f--king funny, and his entire album is full of oddball nerdy and true observations." (Retrocrush)

    "Dejan Tyler delivers one of the better stand up comedy albums of 2018. If alternative comedy with an urban edge sounds like it might be up your alley, I suspect Get Rich or Diabetes will be the standard bearer of that particular genre." (Now Hear This

    Get Rich or Diabetes is a solid release that will fill you up with laughter." (Mikhail Chernyavsky)

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