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    Their victory has led only to more dangers and more death...

    The Corsairs have been driven away but only temporarily. Jillybean knows they'll be back in even greater numbers, lusting for vengeance. Yet she is trapped on the hilltop surrounded by thousands of zombies, and worse, she is out of medicine and fast becoming dangerously unpredictable.

    Things spiral quickly out of control when she is charged with cold-blooded murder, barely escapes a fire that turns the hilltop and half the state to ash, and flees to a city that is being ravaged by a deadly disease.

    Mike, Stu, and Jenn do everything they can to help her, only the building stress cracks Jillybean's mind wide open, and Eve emerges in all her dark glory. In her raging insanity, she crowns herself queen - and still the vast Corsair armada draws ever closer.

    ©2018 Peter Meredith (P)2018 Peter Meredith

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