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    You've made the difficult decision to have gastric bypass surgery, but your battle with food is not yet over. Your post-op diet is extremely important, not just for weight loss, but also for your health. Having a detailed meal plan to follow for each stage of your post-op diet will save you hours of frustration, researching, and trying to figure out what you can and cannot eat. 

    This book is a comprehensive resource including all of the information that you will need for food preparation after your gastric bypass surgery. Inside, you'll find:

    • Detailed meal plans for each stage of your gastric bypass post-op diet
    • Recipes for each of the food selections in the meal plan
    • Explanations of which foods and textures are appropriate for each stage of the diet 
    • Resources for finding more recipes to add into your post-op diet
    • And more! 

    Written with easy-to-follow instructions and plans, this book is just what you need to get your post-op diet off to a great start!

    ©2019 Michelle Border (P)2019 Michelle Border

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