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From Ulcerative Colitis to Crohn's Disease to Anal Fistula

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Autor: J. R. Glenn
Sprecher: Trevor Clinger
Spieldauer: 11 Min.

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This is my collection of trials, tribulations, and success with remission of ulcerative colitis and/or Crohn's disease to anal fistula that may or may not work for you or others.

I've tried everything I could find in order to try to stop the flare-ups and the upset stomach. As this disease progressed it led me to getting an anal fistula which absolutely scared me to death. Imagine having a leakage that you cannot control and don't know how it started. It was like a zit or pimple that was always draining and hurting. The skin was rotting in the wound because my ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease wasn't allowing the fistula to heal. The surgeon diagnosed the fistula and set up a time to operate. As I went through the surgery he was great at informing me of what to expect and how it should go. He stated this surgery was not always successful and the fistula could return or never heal. That was horrible news to me but I wanted to get the issue fixed. So, I worked to find a way to become healed and in remission.

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