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    It was crazy to look at myself in the latex fetish suit. I really was just like a doll, red and black latex and no features that made me anything other than an ass, tits, a pussy, and a mouth. It was objectifying and demeaning and sexy all at once. I was nervous but the client didn't seem to give a damn about my nerves. Before I knew it I, I was strapped to the table with my arms tied behind my back. That wasn't it! My legs were tied ankle to thigh, too. Then THEY took me. What a crazy way to find out I had more than one client!

    Warning: This book contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes bondage, spanking, rough sex, latex fetish suit, rough deepthroat, double team sex, semen swallowing, and more.

    ©2014 Polaris Erotica Publishing (P)2015 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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