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Friday Night Fun

Short Erotica Stories
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 29 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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A subtle, fleeting glance, the smell of amber in a cozy bedroom, the velvety sound of your lover's voice as he whispers to you, and the delicate sensation of fingertips on damp skin...these are the little things that, when melded together, take our fantasies from slightly arousing to passionate desires. The beautifully written stories in Friday Night Fun take you through an enticing variety of situations that will stimulate your curiosity and sense of wonder. Beyond that, you'll be hopelessly drawn into each scene by all the delicious details that make any sexual encounter an absolutely unforgettable one. The characters, their personalities, and their unique perspective of the events unfolding around them will transport you into your own private ecstasy. There's no better way to whet your appetite for the romantic and sexual pleasures in life. So no matter what day of the week, grab your lover and settle into a night of Friday Night Fun! This collection includes: "Glass Elevator," "Dillon's Fingers," "Flight Home," "The Football," "Just The Beginning," plus 20 more sexy erotica stories!


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