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    What are you looking for here? True explicit sex stories? True sex taboos? Keep reading here!

    I don’t know you.... I don't know what your unspeakable fantasies are, but I know they exist....

    Let me introduce myself: My stage name is Jenika and I am a pretty, lively woman!

    In my spare time, I love to get mixed up with "normal" people and then imagine what their innermost sexual desires are....

    I know it may sound crazy, but I'm sure you happened to do the same....

    What are your hottest dreams? What sexual appetites would you feed if there were no guilt or morals?

    Who would you go to bed with tonight if you could choose?!

    In this audiobook, you will find:

    • 13 unreleased true stories
    • True first times
    • Pure adults pleasure
    • A real mistress story
    • Cute lesbians tales
    • Strong passions
    • Inconceivable secrets
    • Stories of gang bangs
    • Real swingers adventures
    • And lots of others things.... 

    This audiobook is a collection of dirty sex stories that you can listen where and when you want....

    By yourself or in company.... In bed.... By train.... Or by plane.... Wherever you want to get excited.
    Unlike many other authors, I really live my sexuality freely - not pulling back on practically anything.... Just like my husband and our friends do.

    I wrote 13 compelling and crazy stories for you. Stories that in many cases must have been written with one hand....

    (Believe me....)

    In this book I have condensed my sweetest dreams, my unspeakable fantasies, and my most perverse evenings with other couples....

    What are you waiting for?!

    Download now to get inspired and get to know my secrets, to give voice to that part of you that wants to go out....

    ©2019 Jenika Scott (P)2019 Jenika Scott

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