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    Do you feel excited and curious? Are you looking for true sex stories? Do you want new hot ideas for your bedroom, or any where you desire? Keep listening, here!

    The truth is...we all have forbidden thoughts.

    But if people give into these pleasures...someone may welcome and indulge with them deeply.

    What do you think about pleasure? What are you looking for in an erotic book?

    In Forbidden Explicit Stories, you will discover some of our lives, our crazy trips and pieces of our forbidden pleasures.

    You will find:

    • Pure pleasure
    • Dirty ideas
    • Forbidden desires
    • Strong passions
    • Taboo secrets
    • Our friends true experiences
    • Real swingers games

    And more...

    This book is 100 percent true short sex stories, that you can enjoy at home, work, on the train or wherever you want to feel excited.

    I provide true explicit stories, true passions, true invite people to free their sexual appetite over the average thought. To be free of the guilt and truly push their sexual desires to the limits.

    This box set includes my craziest collection of true sex stories. In this package, I wanted to put all my passion and my curiosity, which in the last 10 years have led me to make the most incredible sexual adventures (alone and with my husband).

    This bundle will lead you to better sexual experiences with your partner(s) and with your body.

    Included in this book collection are:

    1. Dirty Sexy Games
    2. Forbidden Explicit Stories for Adults

    What are you waiting for?

    Listen now and liberate yourself! Explore different worlds and dream together!

    Scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button!

    ©2019 Jenika Scott (P)2019 Jenika Scott

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