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    If you want to learn the basics of foraging your food, then you have chosen the right book!

    Foraging Guide will explain everything you need to know about foraging, harvesting, and storing edible wild plants throughout the year. 

    Foraging is often seen as a complicated, challenging, and even dangerous activity. And to some extent, this is definitely the case. However, once you finish listening to this audiobook, you will soon realize that foraging is a fun activity to do with your friends and family. It's also an essential activity if we are looking into more sustainable and organic ways of living. 

    Foraging for edible wild plants requires a lot of commitment, mainly because you will need to observe nature, how it works, what it grows, and how you could potentially use plants to gain the benefits they have.

    Are you ready to discover this alternative way of living? Are you willing to submerge yourself into the foraging world? Are you conscious of the massive change you are about to make in your life? Because, trust me, once you see all the benefits foraging has, you will never go back! Foraging is so great that I would even daresay that your supermarket trips will drastically decrease, as well. So, not only will you be consuming healthier and more nutritious varied food, but your wallet will also appreciate it! 

    This book is the ultimate book for foraging your food. We will go through all the sustainable principles that you need to keep in mind when foraging, we will discover what types of food you can efficiently forage throughout the year, and we will make sure we do it safely.

    I hope that as soon as you finish this book, you go outside and see the world and its incredible edible wild plants! So, get the audiobook today, and start your exciting and tasty foraging trip!

    ©2020 Mona Greeny (P)2020 Mona Greeny

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