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    What happens when the kids leave for college and you remember you’re not just mom, but a woman, too?

    Simply going through the motions on autopilot, day after day, weighed heavily on me.

    The one thing which bonded my husband and me, before the kids came along, was slowly cast aside as their needs grew more demanding.

    Intimacy became an act...a performance, without the desire, passion, and lust we once shared. My need to feel desired and wanted by my husband ate at me, and I was determined to make him see the woman he married.

    I wasn’t going to give up and hatched a plan, one which would hopefully forge a new beginning for us. Fighting to keep our love alive was a risk, but for us, I was prepared to do anything.

    ©2019 Kaylee Rose (P)2020 Kaylee Rose

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