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Food, Sex, and Relationships

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A Frank, Sensuous Banquet for the Senses with Three American Originals

Get ready for a roller-coaster ride for your senses as Harriet Lerner, Mollie Katzen, and Susie Bright unleash their ideas about America's favorite taboos in Food, Sex, and Relationships. With combined book sales of over seven million copies, these three best-selling writers are at the height of their powers as they cast light in the shadowy corners of the human mind. This high-spirited dialogue covers:

  • How food, sex, and relationships intertwine in American life today
  • Who the real "man haters" are - the surprising truth
  • Where to find a sexual experience that's better than an orgasm!
  • How the foods we eat - and reject - define our very selves

Food, Sex, and Relationships includes an eye-opening question-and-answer session plus an exclusive interview revealing the personal journeys that have brought these three cultural pioneers into the hearts of millions of readers and listeners.

©2010 Harriet Lerner, Susie Bright, Mollie Katzen (P)2010 Harriet Lerner, Susie Bright, Mollie Katzen

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