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    Lube makes this story move...

    Marcus was a good man, with a wife and kids. He had earned his fine, well-paying office job. He worked his ass off to keep the job, but then, something not totally in his control came up, and bad things happened.

    Marcus was in debt, and he had to come up with cash. It was an accident...the job that he moved into. His wife didn't like it, but the money was great. He made a big name for himself, and then, he got to be somewhat famous for what he was doing.

    Next thing, Marcus got the offer for a three-year contract at The Swirl Resort. His wife had no idea what the full job description was. Had she known, most likely, he would have had to stay at home. But the money was so out of this world that Marcus figured out a way to make it happen.

    What was the job description at the Swirl Resort?

    The answers are just a click away. Buy the audiobook now!

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