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    Start a conversation in 10 seconds & talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

    This book contains plenty of conversation starter tips and examples - all of which are meant to help you initiate small talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Ten seconds is all you’ll need to get someone to pay attention to you. 

    Keep in mind that moments of awkward silence are not worth fretting over. With the coaching that’ll be extended to you, you can easily do something about them. The points here will show how to begin talking - may it be to a person you have been dying to speak to at a party, an elderly person, a randomly encountered individual, or an old friend. 

    If, for instance, you have always found it challenging whenever anyone is left in a room with you, worry no more. With a handful of techniques that are about to be shared with you, you’re likely to be on your way to meeting a friend and saying goodbye to boredom.

    Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

    • How to ask great questions
    • How to use the 'YES or NO' method
    • About themed gatherings and conversation starters
    • What to say when you meet that special person
    • Internet conversation starters
    • Conversation starters for the elderly
    • Plus many many more examples that you can use

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    ©2014 Allan Green (P)2018 Allan Green

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