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Finding Miranda Titelbild

Finding Miranda

Von: Iris Chacon
Gesprochen von: Joshua Bennington
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    How come nobody ever sees Miranda Ogilvy - except one smoking-hot neighbor and one stone cold killer?

    The tiny village called “Minokee” (Seminole for “alligators all over the place”) is chock full of mysteries like that, and like:

    Who is the hunky neighbor, Shepard Krausse, how in heck did he find the invisible Miranda, and why does such a nice guy have such deadly enemies?

    Who killed Miranda’s Aunt Phyllis?

    Is Shepard’s guide dog, Dave, really the smartest guy in town?

    Why does old Miz Cleary keep a loaded rifle beside her front porch rocking chair?

    The big question for readers of this quirky novel is, “Who (or what) will find Miranda before Shep’s homicidal enemies do?”

    Number One Mystery (2017) by Library Journal Indie Book Awards

    Number One Fiction Audiobook (2018) by Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, with multiple other awards.

    Get Finding Miranda, book one of the Minokee Mysteries series. You’ll want to re-listen to it for a dose of sunshine whenever you’re feeling down!

    Look for book two, The Mammoth Murders, coming in late 2019. 

    ©2015 Delia L Stewart (P)2017 Delia L Stewart


    "Meet Miranda Ogilvy, a librarian who is like a ghost: she is invisible, except there is a blind man who sees her and a hired henchman out to kill her. When her aunt suddenly dies, leaving Miranda an old cottage in Minokee, she leaves Miami. But this doesn’t resolve the problem as people still don’t notice her. Only a handsome neighbor and the man who murdered her aunt seem to be aware of her. The reader is pulled into a tale of intrigue, mystery, and corruption, and a strange woman’s life on the line. But can Shepard Krausse and Dave protect her from those determined to take her down? 

    Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon is a gripping treat for fans of the paranormal, narrated in an absorbing and clear voice by Joshua Bennington - and I enjoyed the drama and the pacing, well captured in the narrative tone. The narrator speaks as though they are actually in the story, allowing the suspense to come out clearly, together with the tone and the strong voice. I enjoyed the strong setting, the plot lines and the sense of mystery that permeates the entire narrative. 

    Readers will want to know what happens to Miranda from the moment they meet her. It’s hard to say from the start if she is cursed or if she possesses a unique skill that makes her live like a ghost, but whatever happens, readers are compelled to listen to the story to find out why she is the way she is and what might happen to her. Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon is an intriguing narrative, a beautiful story beautifully told. The prose is excellent, the pacing fast, and the character development stellar. It’s a very engaging story that will keep you awake through the night." (Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite)                       

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