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    Dissolve your blockades and open yourself for a relationship based on true love and understanding. Become the best version of yourself and attract naturally the right person to enjoy love and happiness together. The hypnosis will help you to release all negative thoughts and emotions which have caused so far negative experiences, and it will help you to take the right attitude and find clarity for the natural attraction of true love. You deserve love, understanding and happiness with the right partner at your side!

    Safety & Use Information & Disclaimer of liability

    You should be in good health, mentally and physically. This is a requirement for the spiritual training in general, for meditations and the use of hypnosis. The sessions work like deep meditations. Take care that you stay undisturbed while listening. The hypnotic suggestions are supported by binaural beats for Delta and Theta states of mind to offer best results. Headphones are required. You can sit in your armchair or lie on your bed or couch. The hypnosis sessions should be used at least 3 times or as needed to achieve good results. Negative thoughts are replaced by positive ideas. All techniques, suggestions and instructions are proved and regard the latest professional standard of hypnosis applications. Nevertheless, you use all hypnosis sessions at your own risk and responsibility. Before use, please consult your doctor if you suffer from any contraindications or from any complicating factors for hypnosis. The author cannot and does not take any liability for the wrong or unhealthy use of the hypnotic sessions. The author cannot give any guarantee for success, since the success of the applications depends on various factors. Repetition of the application is the best key for success as well as the combination with other hypnosis sessions for synergy effects. For questions, suggestions and requests please contact the author via the Sura Academy.

    The hypnotic music and the background sounds of nature are licensed products by Thermedius.

    ©2020 Sura Academy (P)2020 Sura Academy

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