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Father Wounds

Learning Thyself, Book 4
Autor: Lily Lovell
Sprecher: Michael Hanko
Spieldauer: 26 Min.

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Most of us don’t realize it, but our fathers provide the glue that hold us together long after we become adults. In absence of a strong father figure, many people succumb to drugs, suicide, criminal behavior, gangs, and more. Our fathers are integral in teaching us integrity, morals, and values. We look up to our fathers to teach us the life skills we need later in life. Our fathers are there to protect us from threats.

Some of us didn’t have a great father figure. Or we lost our father figure far too young. Or our fathers were too busy with their own lives to spend time with us. Or they were too immature to be able to help or mentor us in any meaningful way. Or they were incarcerated. Or they were too busy building families with someone else. Or they couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to us.

Many of us suffer father wounds from a damaged or strained relationship with our fathers. In fact, the wounds are the only thing these fathers did truly pass down to us. Often, we don’t have much to show for the relationships we had with our fathers.

If he had taken us fishing, we might have photos. If he had taught us a skill, we might remember him with fond memories each time we do that skill he taught us. If he had shared his life stories with us, we might have a funny story to tell others about our dad. Most of us don’t even have those things in remembrance of our dads. In fact, if our dads passed away, there would be literally no evidence our fathers existed at all, except for his name maybe being on our birth certificate.

This audiobook was written to soothe those father wounds. We will investigate why your father might not have been there for you. We will validate your feelings. We will help you to believe that your father’s shortcomings were in no relation to your personal self-worth. We’re right there with you.

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