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    The men and women of Last Chance, Inc. are back in another heart-stopping tale! British special agent Nigel Ferris has devoted his life to working covert operations, and avoiding relationships. Until he’s called upon to help foil an International terrorist plot, and comes face to face with the one woman who ever came close to scaling his emotional walls. Photojournalist Melissa Pope knows that the intelligence she's been gathering is invaluable - so much so that someone's willing to kill to her for it. But the man assigned by Last Chance to protect her is another kind of threat altogether... Drawn into the heart of a dangerous game of International intrigue Melissa and Nigel are soon fighting for their lives... and for the chance to explore the long-denied passion that still burns between them.

    ©2005 Dee Davis Oberwetter (P)2014 Audible Inc.

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