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Unlike many businesses that are not backed by real assets, real estate investing, in general, is a sure way to build wealth over time. But making money with real estate is often seen as a slow and lengthy process that requires a large upfront investment. Many investors - especially younger ones - want instant gratification.

Nikita S. Zhitov, a professional real estate investor and developer, shares numerous ways to speed up the pace of profits in this guide for real estate entrepreneurs.

He explores how to:

  • Free up hidden income by appealing property tax assessments
  • Create space for an ATM machines on properties
  • Lease rooftop areas for cell tower usage
  • Acquire land virtually for free through timbering and subdivisions
  • Sub-meter utilities to turn an uncontrollable line item expense into an income source
  • And many other industry-specific tricks on how to multiply equities and cash flow in your real estate holdings
©2020 Nikita Zhitov (P)2020 Nikita Zhitov

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