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    Etsy Store Made Easy

    Build Your Own Online Store, Exact Step-by-Step Guide

    Etsy has successfully brought craft fairs to the people of the online world, and they have shaken the image of handmade items from "that will do" items to hot-ticket best-selling and hugely desirable products. Just because this platform exists, though, doesn't mean that getting to the top of it is as easy as having a great product and putting it into a search engine. In this audiobook you will be told how to set yourself up on Etsy for success and how to create a growing income from your boutique items.

    • Exact steps for how to build your own Etsy store.
    • Everything you need to do before you open your Etsy store.
    • Mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. Don't make these common mistakes in your Ety store.
    • How to select the perfect Esty store name.
    • How to list your products properly so they sell the fastest.

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    ©2015 Brandon Kesler (P)2015 Brandon Kesler

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