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Erotica: Short Stories for Women

Erotica Stories & Erotica Book for Women & Men to Increase Lust
Sprecher: Elena Bork
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 11 Min.

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Erotic short stories - seductive and sexy....  

You like erotic stories? Studies show that 30 to 45 minutes of listening to erotic stories or sex stories causes a chemical reaction in the female brain, leading to increased arousal. We all love the seduction, the sensual devotion of our lust, and sex. An erotic novel revives erotic fantasies and raises new ones. Therefore, erotic novels are good for relaxation and to be inspired.   

Love, desire, and seduction....

Listening to sensational romantic erotic and sex stories employs the entire body, mind, and soul. It puts sex in the center! You'll soon forget about your role as a mother, wife, employer, or co-worker, and turn yourself into your sexy, juicy, adventurous self. Erotic short stories are ideal for relaxing in the evening or whenever you want. Erotic, love, crackle, just let it go and dive into the erotic world with the erotic fantasies of these characters. These erotic short stories for women, men, and couples make it tingling.    

Listening to a satisfying love scene awakens a woman's feelings that are directly related to her libido. That's why we have some sex stories here to create a zone for pleasure. In this book, you will be taken on short, seductive, and erotic sex stories, and you can fall into this. Whether you listen to them in bed in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening, you will be aroused.   

Erotic listening is an excellent way to let the sensual "juices" flow. It brings sex directly to the brain and gives the imagination a boost. It's perfect to get in the mood before sex (with yourself or your partner). Or just drop you and immerse yourself in various erotic short stories.   

Relax your hips. Relax your stomach. Inhale, so you feel the experience fully. Whether you are soft and tender or intense, the following stories will surely satisfy you.

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