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Erotica: 30 Hot Taboo Sex Stories

First Time, Family, Group, Man of the House, Bisexual, Rough Older Men, Milf, and Other Erotic Sex Stories
Sprecher: Jessie Gross
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 6 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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This is a collection of 30 short, taboo, erotic stories from first-time sex stories to group sex, lesbian sex, scintillating sex parties, family sex, threesomes, gangbangs, anal and a lot more....

A world of sexual adventures awaits you…it’s just a flip away.

This is a collection of 30, kinky, daring stories about a family who is sexually liberated. A family that is not afraid to pursue their passion or take part in orgies, nude parties, threesome, and lesbian sex.

As you listen, each story will take you on a wild, sexual adventure. 

Violet Miller always had wild sexual thoughts and urges. Her father slut-shamed her and made her feel unwelcome in her home. But everything changed for Violet when she found her birth mother.

Violet’s wild thoughts became a reality when she found her roots. She thought she was different until she met her birth mother, a woman who could organize orgies at the drop of a hat. 

This story isn't about Violet Miller alone. It's also about her mother who loved to organize orgies, her grandparents, who were in an open marriage and brought up their children to be sexually liberated. It's also about her aunt, uncles, cousins and stepsisters who openly engaged in sex and encouraged her to pursue her sexual fantasies. 

Warning: This audiobook contains explicit taboo sexual activities.

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©2019 Megan J. Martines (P)2019 Megan J. Martines

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