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Erotic Waves

Sprecher: Sabrina Brownstone
Spieldauer: 12 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Recently divorced and 40, Lark has had it with advice, with people in general. So she sets off on a vacation. Alone. Expecting a quiet getaway to gather her thoughts and relax, Lark finds herself in an unexpected situation. What was meant as a quiet evening stroll along the shore, turns into a sensual night of sex on the beach with a handsome stranger almost half her age!

This erotica spares no sexual details and is sure to temp you in ways you never thought possible.

Warning: 18+ only, contains explicit sexual descriptions with adult situations and lewd content.

©2017 Luscious Profanity (P)2017 Luscious Profanity Audio


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