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    Like the darkness in the night, you fill my thoughts with exotic dreams that beg to become a reality. It is though I can feel your touch, the warmth of your breath - you are the essence of everything that my body craves. 

    "Cock-Head the Journal of a Sex Fiend" – Drew  

    The memories that he left on my mind and soul are still fresh from the last day we had parted. It had been ten years since I had last seen him, and now I learned he was coming home. Will he return as the same man as I have known before? Or would have time changed him? Can a second chance at love stand a chance to be revisited? 

    "Wet Addiction" - Kiran  

    It was the first time that Kiran had the opportunity to meet her step brother since her Mom had married Dave. Even at Dave’s age, there was a distinct sex appeal that was hard not to notice. She couldn’t help to wonder if it had carried over to his son. Upon meeting Richard, she found herself mesmerized - there before her was the image of a Greek God. She felt a radiating heat take over her body. It was nothing like she had ever experienced in her life. Could fate be so kind as to bring out her most forbidden dreams in this one man? 

    "Wet Addition" – Jacinth 

    Jacinth’s body cried out for his touch, but it was only in her fantasy that he was to exist. Her body ached to be touched by his strong and tender hands. How she dreamed of the day in which she could feel him slowly caress her with his hot breath. Through her work, she discovered a man that set her soul on fire. The mystery that surrounded him demanded to be solved. Is this the man to fulfil her most forbidden fantasies? 

    These dreams are ones that deserve to come true. They have lived in my mind far too long. My body eagerly awaits when fate will be kind enough to allow them to become a reality. 

    Those deep dark secrets that we try to hide resides deep inside our mind. They scream for the moment they can be released. Each one is filled with wicked thoughts and fantasies. Will the day come when they are soon to be turned into a reality? 

    "My Abominable Sexual Moments" 

    Brian finds himself failing Biology. Secretly, he’s doing it in hopes of getting a chance to get closer to his sexy teacher Ms. Baker. He finds that he’s unable to keep his mind focused on the subject, but instead finds himself admiring her sexy curves. Will his "Hot for Teacher" attitude have him staying after class? 

    "Dangerous Adventures"

    Eve knew she was different than other girls her age. At the age of seven, her favorite Uncle Dave taught her skills of what it was to be a woman. These new talents she was taught made her feel like a naughty little girl. One where she burned in places that she couldn’t explain. Would she give away the childhood innocence to a man that she trusted with all her heart? How would this experience travel with her as an adult? 

    "All These Bitches"

    Bruno Randi was a man on the run and found himself living on Western Lane. His neighbors are less than thrilled that a man of color has joined the neighborhood. They make him an offer to buy him out. Infuriated at their suggestion, he sets out to give them something to talk about by seeking out a whore. He plans that the night he spends with her will leave his neighbors green with envy. 

    Only for adults 18+ 

    ©2020 Oliver Hall (P)2020 Oliver Hall

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