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    Discover yourself and improve your relationships with the wisdom of the Enneagram.

    The Enneagram provides us with an insightful, non-denominational personality type system that allows us to understand ourselves and others at a deeper level. Today, the ancient Enneagram symbol is a powerful tool to improve relationships. Learn about the nine different personality types and deepen your connection to others.

    This book is a detailed guide on how to use the Enneagram in everyday life. Learn about its origins and applications in everyday life. While listening to this book, you will recognize yourself and others in personality types and gain a better understanding of human traits and behaviors. Moreover, you will learn about the positive and negative potentials of each personality type, learning how to nurture yourself and others. 

    Why this is the greatest Enneagram book:

    This audiobook is a guide on how to maximize the wisdom of the Enneagram to strengthen your connections with others. Happy relationships are core to overall happiness, and this book shows you how to build them.

    The topics covered in this audiobook include:

    • Introduction to the Enneagram, its origins, and the nine personality types
    • Detailed personality type descriptions, including traits, motivations, and potential
    • Tips on how to identify your personality type
    • A journey of self-discovery and growth
    • Practical advice on how to improve your relationships

    Harness the wisdom of the Enneagram, understand yourself better, and get to know what drives your loved ones. The understanding you gain will help you to deepen all your connections while also pointing the way to self-fulfillment.

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    ©2019 David Gain (P)2019 David Gain

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