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No End Save Victory Hörbuch

No End Save Victory: Perspectives on World War II, Volume 2

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In these brilliant essays, some of our finest military historians reveal little-known facts and events from WWII. W.A.B. Douglas exposes the Nazi's armed landing on North American soil. William H. Whyte gives a riveting account of patrolling Guadalcanal as a junior Marine officer. George Feifer follows Goebbels' race to complete one last movie before the fall of the Reich. William Manchester revisits the Battle of Britain and a myriad of "what-ifs" that might have changed that outcome. For the first time, we see the battle of Tarawa from the Japanese side - and learn how the Saipan suicides were cruelly exploited as propaganda. We feel the fear that the Nazis will succeed in developing a superweapon. And we hear the secret a Royal Navy sub-lieutenant held close for 45 years.


  • Undaunted by Odds by William Manchester
  • The Turning Points of Tarawa by Joseph H. Alexander
  • The Day the Hornet Sank by Alvin Kernan
  • The Last Picture Show by George Feifer
  • Beachhead Labrador by W.A.B. Douglas
  • Gott Mit Whom? by David Balme, as told to John McCormick
  • Patrolling Guadalcanal by William H. Whyte
  • Peppermint and Alsos by Ferenc M. Szasz
  • The Myth of the Saipan Suicides by Haruko Taya Cook
    Edited by Robert Cowley, editor of the What If? series.

    ©2001 American Historical Publications Inc.; (P)2001 HighBridge Company

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      Stephan Holzner Pfarrkirchen 07.11.2012
      Stephan Holzner Pfarrkirchen 07.11.2012
      "Interesting, but poor quality"

      Many small stories about different places and events in 2nd World War, e. g. the only real occurrence of German troops on American soil, Enigma or the vast efforts put on the last Nazi propaganda film. Unfortunately the record has poor quality, so especially for a non-native English speaker like me it's hard to listen via a normal car audio system (Ford Focus, Sony installation).

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