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Apocalypso Hörbuch


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Look out there's a monster coming

The Ministry of Serendipity control everything. They run this world from their secret underground lair beneath Mornington Crescent Underground Station in London. And when they learn of the crashed alien spacecraft lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, they send out their crack team of paranormal investigators to recover it. The Fortean superstars that are Sir John Rimmer, Dr Harney, and the psychic youth himself, Mr Danbury Collins.

Secret dossiers suggest that this spacecraft contains a mad alien that was once worshipped as a god because of its terrible telepathic powers. And that it is even now lying in suspended animation, awaiting its time to rise again and rule the world once more. Danbury's special senses tell him that the best thing to do would be to nuke the creature now before it wreaks havoc on Mankind. But does anyone listen? No!

Porrig has been left something in his uncle's will. It might be a bookshop, it might be a planet, or it might be a doorway into another dimension. And Porrig is worried, because he has learned a great and terrible secret. But will anyone listen to him when he tries to tell them? No!

It's a pity that people rarely listen, because, in this case, had they troubled to do so, the world would have been spared from all the madness and mayhem, the thousands fleeing in terror, the mad monster laying waste to half of London and the dirty great explosion at the end. But then, there wouldn't have been much of a story if they had listened.

©1998 Robert Rankin (P)2014 Audible, Ltd


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