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How to Get to the Top Hörbuch

How to Get to the Top: Business Lessons Learned at the Dinner Table

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Do you want to get to the top? Do you want to know how to rise above the crowd and become a leader in your field? Then this is the audiobook for you.

In How to Get to the Top, best-selling author Jeffrey J. Fox combines his own experiences as an extremely successful entrepreneur with lessons learned at the family dinner table by business leaders such as Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks; Tom Chappell, founder of Tom's of Maine; Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals; and George Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees.

Practical, straightforward, and inspiring, these proven lessons show how to turn breaking bread into making bank.

©2007 Jeffrey J. Fox; (P)2007 Audio Renaissance, a division of Holtzbrinck Publishers LLC


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    Stefan Baden, Österreich 25.07.2012
    Stefan Baden, Österreich 25.07.2012
    "I’m speechless…"

    This is the worst book I’ve ever had. REALLY. This “business book” contains 70 secret hints and great advice like:

    - Always give good tip, because the waitress could be your boss sometime.

    - Your mum does a great job, she does the cleaning, cooks your meal, drives you to sport,… this goes on and on and on. Afterwards the author explains what titles she should have. Cook, Maid, CEO,… Awesome, isn’t it?

    - If you own a company or are some kind of boss in one, always put good finance people in the finance department and good sales people in the sales department.

    - If you are a clerk in the post dept., working on Saturdays (for sure you will!) and a customer calls the company, just pick up the phone and send the needed stuff with a chartered helicopter.

    I’m very sorry that I can’t bring more examples since I forgot most of this useless information.

    This is the biggest waste of money, even though it’s cheap. Don’t recognize this as a gift to a friend because he could be offended by you thinking he is kind of dopey.

    Although I thought about writing my own business book with further great advice like these, I give you the 71st and 72nd tip for free:

    71. When you visit your companies’ restroom, always flush afterwards.

    72. Don’t waste your money on this book!

    Actually I feel like I have to excuse myself for being that sarcastic, but this book leaves me no other choice. I don’t want to blame someone, but I REALLY can’t understand why someone beside the “author” and his friends can leave a good review on this book. Even one star is too much.

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