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    Are you struggling to figure out your role within your relationship? Do you sometimes feel misunderstood or trapped in being around the same type of people? 

    If you have answered yes to either of the above questions, you may be an empath bounded by destructive relationships. 

    Empaths are gifted in the ability to tune into others’ emotions. As such, Empaths tend to be more vulnerable to being involved in hurtful relationships because of their natural bend to cater to others selflessly. In this two-part bundle including The Empowered Empath and Narcissist, author Judy Dyer will help you safeguard your life to avoid unhealthy relationships with Narcissists during your journey of finding your purpose. 

    Are you currently in a relationship where you are living with or working with someone with some level of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? 

    You will be given the skills needed to enhance your gifts as a compassionate and empowered individual. You will also learn how to protect yourself from others that may prey on your gifts as an empath. Living life as an empath can be tricky - this guide is created to help you with the following: 

    • Recognizing the role you have as an empath in any endeavor
    • Learning to embrace your gifts while you may be in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist
    • Understanding the vulnerabilities you have with your heightened sensitivities
    • Establishing boundaries to become an assertive empath in any relationship
    • Starting new relationships without falling into old traps of harmful relationships
    • Making empowered decisions in your career and relationship choices

    Won’t you want to begin your new journey as an empowered empath with a much better understanding of the blessing you have at hand? 

    Get your copy of this fantastic guide as a part of your commitment to improving today! 

    ©2020 Judy Dyer (P)2020 Judy Dyer

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