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    Are you looking to put an end to constant overwhelm and drained energy?

    What drives the emotional state of an individual?

    If you have ever felt affected by the emotions of those around you or overwhelmed by your sensitivities to feelings and emotions in general, you are not alone. Individuals with these emotional sensitivities are known as HSP (highly sensitive people), which is not to be confused with an empath. Although the terms HSP and empath are often linked together, they are actually not the same thing.

    So, what is the difference between an HSP and an empath?

    Experts in the field will agree, all empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people have the capabilities of being empaths. The distinction lies in how empaths can embrace and be in tune with another person’s authentic and real-time emotional, mental, or even physical states. To better understand their differences and to learn how you can develop the skills you need to lead a successful life as an HSP or an empath, we have compiled this two-book bundle to help you navigate through your journey.

    In Empath and The Highly Sensitive: 2 in 1 Bundle, Judy Dyer offers loving ways to embrace the blessings of being an empath and will take you through the triumphs of learning how HSPs can overcome their everyday challenges. This book will help you see opportunities you may have never noticed before with your hypersensitivities to those around you. You will gain fruitful skills in:

    • Realizing the potential of your abilities and sensitivity to energies
    • Developing spiritual healing strategies
    • Protecting yourself from exhausting your energies
    • Building a routine or a habit with your gift
    • Learning the true meaning of being an HSP 
    • Forming healthy relationships despite the sensitivities
    • Setting boundaries to say no to people and situations that are not right for you

    Learn to feel empowered and grounded to your blessings by downloading this invaluable and comprehensive guide. With practical guidelines and powerful techniques to jump-start your path to living well, you can begin to learn what it means to realize your full potential. Get your copy of this fantastic two-book bundle as a part of your commitment to improving today!

    ©2018 Judy Dyer (P)2018 Judy Dyer

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