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    Are you highly tuned and sensitive to the feelings of those around you?

    Does this gift sometimes feel like more of a burden?

    Would you like to learn ways in which you could make it easier to deal with?

    Being an empath can feel like a curse. While some may believe that being able to sense the feelings of others is an ability to cherish it can come at a price, as empaths are inevitably unable to switch off from those feelings and so become inundated.

    But there are ways to survive and ease the burden you carry and with this new book. Empath: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Highly Sensitive People, you can learn how to stop absorbing the pain of others through chapters on:

    • How to embrace your gift
    • What empaths are sensitive to
    • Handing psychic empathetic traits
    • Empaths in relationships and work
    • Overcoming your fears
    • How to stop other people’s pain
    • How meditation can help
    • And lots more

    Being an empath shouldn’t mean that you take on the weight of everyone’s problems and this book strives to show you how you can relieve a lot of the pressure and save yourself from a lot of pain.

    Get a copy today and start learning how you can survive being an empath now!

    ©2018 Brian Kern (P)2018 Brian Kern

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