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    If you want to know how you can find your gifts as an empath and develop your potential, then keep reading....

    Being an empath is a gift, but only when you can hone your skills properly. The downside of being an empath is the emotional burden that you have to face. Since empaths are like emotional sponges, they soak up others’ feelings and start putting themselves in the shoes of that person. 

    They start feeling the exact same grief, depression, fear, or anything that the person in front of them is feeling. This can leave make them exhausted over time. They cannot figure out any distinction between the feelings of the person they are talking to and their own emotions.

    If the emotional feelings of other people put a strain on your psyche, and you have no idea how to protect your mental space, then keep reading. This audiobook skips the fluff and shows you how to connect with your inner self, improve your relationships, and gain a firm handle on your emotions with no-nonsense, practical advice.

    In this audiobook, you'll learn:

    • The science behind how empaths work on a neurological level
    • How empaths may be sensitive to certain things and what they are
    • How to take advantage of your "inner voice" as an empath and overcome your challenges
    • A simple meditation technique for empaths to help you get rid of negative thoughts
    • What life as an empath can be like and how to embrace the gift of true empathy
    • What the effects of empathy on your daily life are and how to live fully with this gift
    ©2020 Amin Rampa (P)2020 Amin Rampa

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