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    If you think you may be an empath...check out this empath survival guide!

    Do you feel like an emotional sponge that collects the emotions of everyone around?

    Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed in crowds?

    Do you seem to attract emotional abusers?

    It looks like you’re an empath.

    Empathy is a broad concept that means the ability to feel someone else’s emotions. It’s a necessary part of a healthy personality: without it, we’d all be heartless narcissists. However, some people are so highly sensitive to other people’s emotions that their empathy becomes their superpower - and their curse.

    Being an empath gives you some unique powers:

    • You can sense if someone is lying.
    • You have a natural talent for energy healing.
    • You’re good at helping people because you understand their emotional needs.
    • You’re very creative.

    On the other hand, being an empath makes you vulnerable to narcissists and emotional vampires. They literally try to feed on your emotional energy, leaving you overwhelmed and drained. This is why you should protect yourself.

    This book will be your survival guide.

    It will provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips on how to cope with various situations if you’re an empath.

    Here’s what you’ll discover in this book:

    • A self-test to determine if you’re an empath
    • An in-depth guide to the different types of empathy
    • Tips for surviving in the workplace if you’re an empath
    • Strategies for building fulfilling relationships and avoiding narcissistic abuse
    • Practical, actionable advice on how to control your empathic superpowers.

    If you take the self-test and it says you’re not an empath, you will still find the book valuable. It will help you understand friends and loved ones who are empaths - and avoid emotional abusers who also prey on non-empathic people.

    Being an empath is not a weakness. Learn how to use your strengths!

    ©2019 Judy Mystic (P)2020 Judy Mystic

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