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    Does any of this sound familiar to you?  

    As a child:

    • You felt like you were never good enough.
    • Your parent seemed wrapped up in themselves and their life.
    • Your parent didn’t seem to care about your feelings. 
    • Your parent was very controlling and manipulative. 
    • You were made to feel bad or wrong if you got upset. 

     As an adult: 

    • You still feel like you are not good enough.
    • You feel confused, anxious, sad in your relationship with your parent. 
    • Your parent puts you down, and never celebrates your achievements.
    • You sometimes doubt your perception of events, and feel like you are going crazy.
    • Your parent is very critical, manipulative, controlling, and tells lies.
    • They still don’t seem to care about your feelings or your needs.

    This book is for you if you have been in a toxic relationship with your parent and you just want to make sense of it and make some changes. Maybe you have tried to talk to your partner or friends about your relationship, but they don’t understand either and they may even tell you that it couldn’t have been that bad. Maybe you know that your parent treated you badly and unfairly growing up, and you know it's affecting you now but you don’t know what to do about it.  

    Sometimes a parent can have a mental health illness like depression, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or addictions, which unfortunately would have created a toxic environment for you to grow up in. If so, then you might be feeling really alone and confused, frustrated, and unable to see a way out or how things can change. I can’t promise you that listening to this book is going to be a “total cure”, but I can promise that if you apply yourself diligently, take notes, listen and re-listen to the chapters, follow all instructions to the letter, with a tenacious resolve to get better, you will feel an instant decrease in anxiety within the first 24 hours and should see huge improvements within the first three days.

    ©2020 Dr. Theresa J. Covert (P)2020 Dr. Theresa J. Covert

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