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    Have your children ever completely lost it in the middle of the grocery store? Not just being fussy, but a full-blown tantrum with snot and tears running down their faces as they screech about how awful of a parent you are? Maybe you told them that they could not have a piece of candy or a new toy and they went into complete meltdown mode. Did you struggle to calm your child down during this tantrum? Perhaps everything you said and did only exacerbated the situation, and ultimately led to both of you losing your temper.

    What if someone told you that there is a five-step process to mitigating your children’s tantrums and teaching them to be more able to control their own emotions?

    Emotion coaching is a type of relationship that endeavors to do just that. An emotion coaching parent guides the child through the throes of emotions, helping the child navigate through all of the overwhelming feelings, and emerging better able to cope with the adversities life throws at him or her in a more mature and resilient manner.

    Through the five steps of emotion coaching, you will be there with your child through the failures and successes, teaching your child to navigate through emotions and develop critical skills that will allow your child to develop a higher EQ (emotional intelligence quotient).

    In this audiobook, you will find:

    • The elements of emotion coaching, as well as commonly made mistakes
    • The five steps to emotion coaching, and several tips for how to raise an emotionally intelligent child
    • An assessment for how effective you are at emotion coaching
    • How emotional intelligence of the father is important to the emotional intelligence of his children
    • Examples of both children and teens with lower and higher EQs and how emotion coaching can help them
    • And more!

    If you want to learn more about how to teach your kids to be more able to control their own emotions...then simply buy now to get started.

    ©2019 Mark T. Coleman PhD (P)2019 Mark T. Coleman PhD

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