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    Are you poor at managing your emotions? Do you want to use emotional intelligence? If so, then keep reading.

    Emotions are part of human existence. While some emotions are positive, some have negative impacts. They have detrimental effects on an individual’s way of living and determine a great deal about your lifestyle.

    Despite the emotion concept being wide, the book has tried to narrow it down and precisely expound each emotion accurately, indicating all relevant information that can help enhance your way of thinking and how you view sentiments.

    Throughout this bundle, you will come across crucial information designed to help you learn more about emotional intelligence. It  also includes a detailed account of how to manage the emotions from an expert view. Most of the information is research-based, so you can rely on the information given herein.

    Listening to this audiobook, you will come across helpful information, like:

    • What emotions are and the supportive theories on emotions
    • What are the types of emotions - you will learn about five common emotions experienced by humans, including anger, fear, anxiety, and depression
    • How to identify the unlikely causes of worry
    • How your mind-set shapes your reality
    • When overthinking becomes a problem
    • What are the causes and solutions to overthinking 

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    ©2020 James F. Goodman (P)2020 James F. Goodman

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