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    If you’re one of those people who spend your time worrying about hypothetical scenarios, you may have worried about what to do in the case of a gunshot wound. This is a realistic worry, as firearms become easier to obtain, and mass shootings plague the media.

    What can you do to protect your family and those around you?

    What should you do to be prepared to treat someone with a gunshot wound?

    Where must you go to find out?

    If you spend your time thinking about this repeatedly, imagining possible solutions for these problems, you’re one of those people who make everyone around them safer, and this book is perfect for you.

    The search for these answers has led you to the right place; this book will teach you everything you need to know about gunshot wound treatment. You’ll learn about basic anatomy and physiology to develop a general understanding of how the body works, what could go wrong, and how to address it to sustain life. You’ll learn about ballistics and the kind of damage caused by a gunshot wound. You’ll learn about the proper use of bandages and immobilizations. You’ll learn how to apply CPR from beginning to end. Finally, you’ll learn the basic walkthrough to approach a wounded patient, step by step, and treat a gunshot wound.

    All the knowledge in this book is up-to-date with the latest protocols and health guidelines. The information is reliable, precise, and safe to follow. The marines developed the scheme of the treatment-first approach to gunshot wounded patients used in this book, and it has increased their survival rate just like it’ll keep your family safe. The book’s designed to be a beacon of clarity between a sea of confusing and conflicting information.

    After you’re done with this book, you’ll assemble a large first aid bag where every component will be there for a reason, and you’ll know how to use it. Most of the skills you develop will be useful for any situation, so you’ll know how to deal with injuries or accidents from a kid’s strain to a knife wound to the chest. However, an emphasis is made over the skills related to treating gunshot wounds.

    Listen to this book from top to bottom, study it, practice the techniques described here, and prepare the best first aid kit you’ll ever need to treat a gunshot wound by following the instructions. The imaginary scenarios in your head will stop getting blurry and dark because you’ll know exactly what to expect and what to do. You’ll feel safer because you’ll know how to keep those around you alive and safe; there’s no effort too big or expense too high to get that safety for you and your family.

    Buy the audiobook today for you and everyone else out there who takes security seriously!

    ©2020 Branda Nurt (P)2020 Branda Nurt

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