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    One of the classic works of J. Krishnamurti, What Are You Doing with Your Life delves into the foundational pillars of human existence. This Hindi translation by Achalesh Chandra Sharma presents the premise of Krishnamurti’s teachings and writings. Some of the deepest questions about identity, existence, needs, desires, freedom, respect, knowledge, work, money, success and relationships are explored in a lucid and logical manner. The author reflects on how we form attachments and relate to the tangible and intangible world around us. He asks a simple yet difficult question: Despite centuries of education, why does the human experience still involve pain and suffering, for self and others? Is there a way for us to break this cycle, go beyond our traditional school education to seek knowledge within?   

    He points to the heart of human misery - loneliness, delusion, failure and rejection. How can we face up to these experiences without succumbing to hopelessness? Krishnamurti suggests that while we may gain knowledge about the world from our lessons in school, we can never be taught how to live life with peace, contentment and bliss. He points out that it is neither our circumstances nor the events in the external world that drive our will, but the way we choose to respond to all that is unfolding in our lives. In this powerfully insightful work, he leads us through the most pressing concerns of our times, treading through philosophy, spirituality and education to uncover an inner quest where each can find their own self-expression.

    Please note: This audiobook is in Hindi.

    ©2007 Krishnamurti Foundation (P)2020 Audible, Inc.

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