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Effective Communication: How to Effectively Listen to Others and Express Yourself

Deliver Great Presentations, Be Persuasive, Win Debates, Handle Difficult Conversations & Resolve Conflicts
Sprecher: Michael Hatak
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Communication is the most important aspect of our daily lives, yet most of us are not very good at it, and it takes a back seat in academic study. We learn history, science, and math, and we learn to memorize the spelling of words and their meanings as well as how to put them together in sentences through proper punctuation. However, we receive little instruction on how to use those words and sentences to express adequately our ideas, create consensus, resolve conflicts, and improve our alliances.

In the end, we are left pondering why our interpersonal relationships fail, our great ideas never get off the ground, and our careers stall. Additionally, isn't it ironic that we live in the "information age", yet as a society, we are poor at communicating messages?

Believe it or not, everyone has this ability inside of him or her, and that includes you. If you want to communicate effectively, your desire will lead to practiced habits and behaviors that will carry you there. This requires that you listen to everyone around you, understand your audience and deliver believable messages that are accurate, have impact, and are built on a foundation of integrity.

Let's get better.

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