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EQ Emotional Intelligence

A Practical Guide to Master Your Emotions, Improve Your Social Skills, Develop Self Awareness and Increase Your Influence While You Build Stronger and Deeper Relationships
Sprecher: Ivan Busenius
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 32 Min.

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The subject of emotional intelligence has been the source of intellectual debate for some time. Over time, many have raised the question of why people act the way they do emotionally. Some have approached this argument from the standpoint of two schools of reason - the nature versus nurture argument.

The proponents of the 1st school trace human behavior to extra-natural factors. This branch of behavioral psychology believes that people are created to act in a certain way and remain the same for the rest of their life. Thus, there is little hope in changing one's emotional behavior.

The 2nd school believes that human behavior evolves over a period of time depending on our environment. The proponents of this line of reasoning believe that human beings are a product of their environment. Thus, a person’s behavior is the sum total of the environments he has been exposed to throughout his life.

Whatever school you align with, what is constant is the fact that there is a need to understand why we act the way we do emotionally. We also need to know how our emotional behavior impacts our relationship and if there is a defect in the way we act emotionally. The knowledge of the above is what you will have accomplished using this audiobook.

This audiobook is structured in a chronological format to have a well-rounded understanding of the concepts in the audiobook. You will be introduced to the meaning of EQ and led through the important concepts associated with emotional intelligence.

Below is a brief exposition into the concepts discussed in this audiobook:

  • Meaning of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Emotional intelligence in relationships
  • Emotional intelligence in our daily lives
  • Exercises to improve your EQ

So, don't wait and explore today everything you need to know about emotional intelligence!

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