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E.M.D.R. Workbook

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Would you like to heal from anxiety, anger, depression, stress, panic attacks, addictions, emotional trauma? Here is the ultimate self-guide on the eye movement desensitization and resolution (EMDR) method.

In just a few steps, with this audiobook/workbook you can easily access a tested method to finally say goodbye:

  • to that trauma, that grips your mind since you were a child;
  • to depression, that does not make you leave home for months:
  • to your anxiety, that does not make you enjoy time with your family;
  • to the anger you can't handle;
  • to the stress, with which you live your every single day.

All of us, sooner or later, fight with ourselves for something wrong as we would like it to go. But thanks to innovative EMDR therapy, you can also decide to self-help you manage your problems by yourself and solve them in a very short time.In this audiobook you will discover:

  • What EMDR is;
  • What EMDR can be used for;
  • How you can use EMDR by yourself;
  • How should be your own therapy room;
  • How to manage the therapy;
  • How to write a mental health treatment plan for your own therapy;
  • How to write a treatment plan checklist for your own therapy;
  • Five essential tips for smart treatment plans;
  • Many other things...

Remember: all of us, sooner or later, fight with ourselves for something wrong as we would like it to go.

EMDR therapy is the solution to your problems.

Simple steps to do in your own home, explained in the simplest way, also accessible to those unfamiliar with the world of psychotherapy.

Get your copy now, and start taking your life back. 

©2019 Michaela Sharum (P)2019 Michaela Sharum

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