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    Do you wish there was a way to solve health issues without the harmful consequences of modern medicine? 

    Are you looking for a different way to keep yourself healthy? 

    If your answer is yes to the question above, Dr. Sebi has solutions for your worries.

    Health is wealth, but what exactly is good health? The chapters of this book are all you need to be healthy. This book is all about late Dr. Sebi's herbal alkaline diet. By removing toxic waste and alkalizing your blood, it helps to rejuvenate your cells. A shortlist of permitted foods, and several additional items are the basis of the diets in this book. In this book, you will learn the following.

    • The Dr. Sebi treatment
    • Dr. Sebi's diet
    • Healing and recovery from sexually transmitted diseases
    • Dr. Sebi's treatment for reversing diabetes
    • Hair loss doesn't have to be permanent
    • Overcoming lupus with Dr. Sebi
    • How to heal kidney diseases with Dr. Sebi
    • Dr. Sebi nutritional guide
    • Alkaline diet plans

    Scroll up and click "buy" to download a copy of the book.

    ©2020 Luis M. J. Harris (P)2021 Luis M. J. Harris

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