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    It's a few years after Becky's Last Chance, and Becky and Ryan are looking forward to their friends Kendall and Mike's upcoming wedding. While Ryan and Mike choose to go for a quiet fishing weekend instead of a big bachelor party, Becky and Kendall and the rest of their girlfriends plan to paint the town red. Of course things don't go according to plan for the girls, and trouble aplenty ensues.

    Back from New York, Tracy is determined to work out the issues between Becky and herself. She has a secret that she hopes will bring the family together, not tear it apart. She sees the invitation to Kendall's wedding as the perfect time for a visit.

    After holding on to resentment toward her stepmother for years, Becky has no choice but to face her and try and iron out their problems once and for all when they arrive a week before the wedding, and they all have to stay in the same house.

    While Becky once again finds herself over her husband's knee, Kendall may have to face a spanking for the first time.

    ©2015 Blushing Books Publications (P)2015 Blushing Books Publications

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