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Dopamine: The Crucial Role of Dopamine in Our Brain

Autor: Quinn Spencer
Sprecher: Eric Boozer
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Some people get addicted to it, others receive a healthy dosage each day. What is dopamine, and why is it so important? 

Dopamine rewards the brain. We as humans have animalistic instincts, and dopamine-triggers control the majority of the decisions we make. We want fulfilment, pleasure, happiness, closure, results, and more. All of these things are because of dopamine. Drugs instill so much dopamine in an individual that he or she easily becomes addicted to it, with all the negative consequences that follow. So is dopamine good, bad, neutral, or is there a balance we need to strive for?

I almost already gave the answer. Some dopamine is beneficial, but only for the right reasons and in the right circumstances. In this book, we’ll dive deeper into all of this. We’ll take a closer look at the effects of dopamine, its many triggers, and how you can control the dopamine levels in your brain the best way possible. We’ll discuss subtopics such as:

  • How those with autism, ADHD, or schizophrenia need to be extra careful about dopamine triggers
  • Whether or not dopamine supplements are recommended
  • How handling dopamine cautiously can help you get out of debt and avoid addictions
  • Methods that can help you release dopamine to stay motivated, lose weight, or become more successful in life
  • The surprising connection between dopamine and Parkinson’s Disease
  • How dopamine levels rise and fall when taking drugs, having sex, or eating food
  • Natural ways to increase dopamine, without all the risks
  • Why controlling dopamine levels is crucial, especially for teenagers 

A lack of dopamine can make us depressed, while an overdose of dopamine can make us addicted. Moreover, it matters where the dopamine comes from, why it is being released, and what actions are being rewarded.

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