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    How do you prevent divorce? How do you solve marriage problems? How do become sane again if it happens to you? These and many other questions will be discussed in this guide.

    Even if you’re not on the edge of divorce, this counsel can still be appropriate and valuable to you and your spouse. Hear about the seven things that slaughter marriage relationships. Hear about the symptoms, likely keys, and an overall sense of making it work! 

    In this day and age, so many are scared of a divorce. Yes, the stats do not lie. There are countless divorces, but there are so many more joyful marriages that are intact and healthy. In this audiobook, you do not just get the 10 signs that show you that you have nothing to worry about. To prevent divorce, specific advice is given to be aware of negative signs, to seek out solutions, and to not buy into the myths of marriage that exist in the world today. 

    Experience has shown that almost nothing will impact a person as much as a the bitter end of a broken commitment from a previous loving partner. Divorce is harsh, and those who are confronted by it learn the lesson that this life has its losses and severe difficulties. But there is no need for despair. Recovery from divorce is possible, as many have shown by their dedicated determination to follow the healing path. 

    In this audiobook, you’ll find, among others:

    • Ways to connect better.
    • Tips to renew your love.
    • Discussing money matters with your partner.
    • The toughest things to keep up in a marriage relationship.
    • Help to avoid divorce or breaking up.
    • Five untrue concepts of marriage you should not trust. 
    • Ways you might be destroying your marriage without knowing it. 
    • How to invest into your relationship. 
    • Information from a married person and what to look for in a counselor. 
    • Long-lost secrets to a lasting, permanent marriage relationship. 
    • An extravagant examination about the link between poisonous people and personality disorders. 
    • The 10 signs that your partner will stay with you and that you have nothing to be concerned about. 
    • Making minor changes and weeping over the loss.
    • Casting aside denial, lies, and myths.
    • How to best deal with solitude, aloneness, and your new liberties and independence.
    • Words of advice from a married person and what to look for in a therapist.
    • Making plans and finding support and new activities.
    • Getting back on the path to self-discovery, exploration of the unknown, and creative ways to increase your life’s happiness despite the past’s wounds and broken relationships.

    Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start listening. I will see you in the first chapter!

    ©2018 Emily Gold (P)2018 Emily Gold

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