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    Are you missing your purpose? You’ve got everything it takes to live out an extraordinary destiny, created only for you! Your uniqueness is a design to attract love and success through “divine set-ups” that are not coincidental but lead to your destiny.

    Do you know how to connect with your true calling? This audiobook will teach you how to live your best future. It is an invitation to the glorious friendship that has the power to change your past, present, and future.

    Would you like to discover the best version of yourself as you courageously take new steps of faith with the potential to change everything? Kathleen’s authentic stories will challenge your growth beyond your comfort zone so your business and personal life can excel like never before!

    Divine Set-Ups is wrapped in romance, intrigue, and humor that will teach you strategies for overcoming life’s most challenging difficulties.

    No matter the obstacles, you will learn to walk in freedom and victory successfully.

    The variety of delightful and suspenseful stories will take you on a grand adventure complete with ranch scene with historical figures and animals. Each diverse scenario will build greater faith to believe in God and yourself. You will laugh and cry through the despair of betrayal and divorce, death of her baby and spouse, enormous financial difficulties, brokenness, and bitterness of soul. But you will be amazed to learn nothing worries your creator about your life, and nothing is impossible for you to flip around with his love and power successfully.

    A wellspring of hopeful new beginnings with your name attached awaits you in every section

    You will awaken to God’s favor calling you into every arena of life to experience his incredible goodness. Even if you have never known him as your loving heavenly father, his spirit of adoption will capture you with engagement and wear you like a glove!

    Buckle up and enjoy. It’s a roller-coaster ride!

    ©2021 Kathleen O'Donnell Dew (P)2021 Kathleen O'Donnell Dew

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