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    How do you feel?! What do you desire? Are you looking for true dirty stories? Then keep listening here!

    Welcome! My name is Jenika, and I am the classic woman next door....

    I have a good job and a great family but also...a second life decidedly.... Agitated. For 10 years now, me and my husband twice a month hire a babysitter, and we dedicate ourselves to our well-being and our pleasure.

    Would you like to know me better? Would you like to know what my real name is?! What if I'm your neighbor?!

    In this audiobook, you will listen about:

    • 16 true sex stories
    • My biggest secret
    • Stories of couples and lovers
    • Wild passion
    • Inconceivable secrets
    • Real Swingers games
    • And other rough stuff!

    In this audiobook, I have condensed a collection of stories lived directly by us or by our friends.

    Unlike other collections you can find, this was written by someone just like you....
    An unsuspected couple who at night, takes part in crazy evenings with other couples and singles.

    Are you curious to find out more?

    Download now and get inspired by my sex stories, get in the game, get comfortable, and start dreaming....

    Click the "Buy" button!

    ©2019 Jenika Scott (P)2019 Jenika Scott

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