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    Have the symptoms of anxiety caused you to miss out on the things that make life most rewarding? Keep reading!

    Dialectical behavioral therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy. This therapy focuses on challenging and altering the unhelpful or harmful cognitive behaviors and distortions that can keep you from seeing the world in front of you as it really is. It can also improve emotional regulation and includes strategies for coping with the triggers that can bring your day to a standstill. 

    That’s why this book will bring you: 

    • The reasons and mechanisms behind your struggles with disorders 
    • The tools to live a life free of unpredictable mood swings 
    • Better control over your anxiety, in spite of the world around you 
    • What emotional regulation actually means and how to achieve it 

    DBT is meant to be something you can use to get more comfortable in your own life and in your own situation. Living the life that you want to live is possible, in spite of what your anxiety may have you believe. Often, when we have the capability to reach for the things that we need and want in life, our anxieties can have us so utterly convinced of our shortcomings that we won’t even try. Your anxiety is lying to you; you can achieve your goals and you can succeed!

    Click “buy now” to take back your life!

    ©2019 Simon Field (P)2020 Simon Field

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